24 of the Best Sites to Kill Time On the Internet

A note of warning however, these sites will suck your time away. Don’t continue unless you are prepared to not get anything done today.

1. The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal might just be our favorite webcomic. Maybe because it is based out of Seattle (as are we), maybe because they made Exploding Kittens, or maybe it is because it is just always dang funny. Warning, not always safe for work or kids.

2. The Wayback Machine

It’s a huge archive of websites throughout history. For example, type in apple.com and click June 30, 2007, and the headline will be “Say hello to iPhone.”

3. The Office Stare Machine

‘The Office’ Stare Machine showcases every single time a character speechlessly breaks the 4th wall and stares at the camera.

4. 15Facts

15Facts is a great place to go for some bite-sized knowledge. A handy place to learn something without getting overwhelmed.

5. Geoguesser

A popular browser geography game where you are dropped into an unknown location on Google Maps and have to work out where you are.

6. Reddit

The self-proclaimed ‘Front Page of the Internet,’ Reddit is a social news aggregation and discussion website that will change your life.

7. Find The Invisible Cow

It does what it says: find a cow from the page shown to you.

8. Instructables.com

A documentation system that has everything from recipes to crafting to just making random cool stuff.

9. OctoQuiz

OctoQuiz is a good friend of Sporcle. It’s a great site that lets you test your knowledge with fun quizzes, brain teasing games, and personality tests.

10. The Oregon Trail

If you don’t like the Oregon Trail, there is something wrong with you.

11. Bouncy Balls

Don’t overthink it. Bouncy Balls is a site that bounces balls in your screen and responds to mouse clicks or your mic.

12. One Tiny Hand

A thoroughly random Tumblr where you can peruse pictures where one hand in the image has been retouched to be smaller. Yes, Donald Trump makes an appearance.

13. Donald Maroney

Speaking of Trump and Tumblr, this blog takes Jenna Maroney’s words (from 30 Rock) and puts them with Donald Trump’s face.

14. Here is Today

Just a little reminder of how insignificant a day can be.

15. Damn You Autocorrect

An oldie but a goodie. For anyone who has ever been burned by a “helpful” mobile phone keyboard.

16. Timelapse

From Google, watch the world change over the course of nearly three decades of satellite photography

17. How Stuff Works

HowStuffWorks explains thousands of topics, from engines to lock-picking to ESP, with video and illustrations so you can learn how everything works.

18. Buzzfeed Quizzes

Sure we prefer our own quizzes, but these quizzes and personality tests from Buzzfeed can also fit the bill.

19. Twitch.tv

Watch people play and talk about video games. Yep, that’s a thing.

20. Project Gutenberg

At the other end of the spectrum, Project Gutenberg offers over 53,000 free ebooks.

21. The Useless Web

Plain and simple, takes you to a useless site on the internet. It’s oddly addicting.

22. Open Puppies

Open Puppies, and it lets you do just that—open large gifs of adorable puppies. You’re welcome.

23. Llama Font

Because everyone could use a font in the shape of llamas sometimes.

24. Honest Slogans

What people really think of your brand, slogan, tagline, advertising, funny, parody.

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