Why Do We Have Candy Corn?

It’s Halloween. This means that you are likely to stock up on all kinds of candies for your children. Unless you are the one who gives people whole fried chicken. If the candy is yours, you’ve seen candy corn everywhere-given that it’s the most popular Halloween candy, it would be strange otherwise. In addition, sweet corn is usually only found when the scary season comes. But if you stop thinking, what is sweet corn anyway?

Origin of Candy Corn

Candy Corn is believed to date back to the 1880s and was created by a man named George Renninger. He worked with Wunderle to create what is called “butter cream” or “chicken corn.” Neither of these names is particularly appetizing, but chicken corn is their fame.

Candy corn was not expected to be available in a wider range of commercial forms from the Goelitz Confectionery Company until 1898. Anyone who doesn’t know the name of Golitz knows it as Jelly Belly. As you know, this company really liked Ronald Reagan for some reason. In any case, in 1898 Gölitz Confectionery made a mellow cream candy. This was basically the same as the butter cream candy allegedly made by Reninger. It’s basically the same as sweet corn, but these days it’s always seen as a candy pumpkin that comes with sweet corn. They taste exactly the same. Mellow cream candies are made from corn syrup, honey and sugar (add some food coloring for a visual taste). It has a mild taste and is called a mellow cream.

Not that it matters, because like 9 billion pieces of candy corn are produced per year.

Why Corn?

You’ve probably figured out that candy corn kind of looks like long corn kernels (like on the cob) from tweets like this. Try it yourself and stack a bunch of candy corn into a cylinder. It’ll work, we promise.

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